Lifting platform does not rise
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1. The motor power supply is abnormal or reversed. (Check the power supply voltage, adjust the power phase sequence, check the AC contactor, check the motor wiring, check the control circuit)
2. Trip switch, limit switch or control line fault. (Check the travel switch and control circuit.)
3. The drop solenoid valve is turned on or stuck. (Cleaning the drop solenoid valve or checking the control circuit)
4. The hydraulic oil is not enough or oil-free. (add hydraulic oil)
5. The normally closed spool is dirty or blocked. (Cleaning the oil filter and filter, cleaning the hydraulic valve, replacing the hydraulic oil)
6. The relief valve pressure is too low. (Adjust the relief valve)
7. Gear pump wear or aging is serious. (replace gear pump)
8. Hydraulic oil aging deteriorates severely. (replace hydraulic oil)
9. The emergency valve is not fully closed. (completely close the emergency valve)
10. The seal is damaged and the hydraulic system leaks oil. (Check the oil cylinder and pipe joint for oil leakage and replace the seal
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