Lift Platform Safety Operation Regulations
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Lift Platform Safety Operation Regulations

1. The use of lifting platforms must be carried out by designated personnel of the department (filed by the Ministry of Personnel and Security) to strictly observe the work position; non-designated personnel are not allowed to use it automatically.

2. Before activating the lifting platform, check whether the doors of each floor are closed, whether the emergency stop switch is reset, (reset the emergency stop switch, turn it clockwise), and check the emergency stop switch. After the completion, start the operation.

3. The lifting platform is strictly prohibited.
4. The lifting platform has a carrying capacity of 3000kg and must not be overloaded.
5. When using the lifting platform to transport goods from top to bottom, place the goods as far as possible in the middle of the car so as to avoid tilting of the goods during operation. The platform must not be started when the goods are stacked unsteadily.
6. When an abnormal situation is found during the use of the platform, the operator shall immediately stop the operation of the platform and report to the equipment department for inspection and repair; the failure is not ruled out, the use is prohibited, and the warning is listed.
7. After the lifting platform is used, the operator stops the platform at the bottom, closes the landing door, closes the key power switch, and turns off the main power supply.

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